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Monday, April 07, 2014

Supporting a Valued Neighbor

It all started in 1950. The company was known as Lakehead Pipe Line Partners. The first portion of the pipeline crossed 990 miles from Redwater, Alberta, through Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota and concluded at our sister city of Superior, Wisconsin. It was a needed and bold initiative.

Sixty-four years later, the need and the boldness continue. The company is now known as the Enbridge Pipeline System. The pipeline system exceeds 3,100 miles in length and includes multiple paths.

The growth continues. As part of Enbridge's ongoing efforts to meet our country's need for the reliable and secure transportation of petroleum supplies, the company is proposing to expand the capacity of Line 67 to its full design capacity. This capacity increase can be attained by adding and modifying pump stations along the existing pipeline from North Dakota to Superior.  

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce's leadership stands in support of Enbridge's proposal to expand the capacity of Line 67 to its greatest ability. We do so after thoroughly reviewing the merits of this needed initiative.

Our review included benefiting from a comprehensive overview of the initiative provided by Lorraine Little, Enbridge Senior Manager of U.S. Public Affairs Liquids Operations & Projects,  and Lee Monthel, Enbridge Vice President of Major Projects. Our board of directors, comprised of twenty-five of Duluth's business leaders, unanimously agreed to support the Line 67 Pipeline initiative.

Our Chamber is 1,100 members strong. It has served as our region's voice of business since 1870. For 144 years, we have partnered with area businesses to advance our beloved community. Enbridge has been our neighbor for more than 64 of these 144 years. We value and appreciate Enbridge as a great neighbor.

Enbridge's employees and contractors are our community members, our neighbors, and our friends. We have come to fully understand that Enbridge's success is our community's success. When Enbridge expands and invests, our community prospers and celebrates. The Line 67 capacity expansion will create jobs, generate tax revenue and boost our economy. The Duluth and Superior communities already benefit mightily by serving as home to 750 Enbridge jobs. These jobs turbo-charge our local economy through the purchase of local products, services and lodging.

Please be assured, the Chamber's leadership also respects and is deeply committed to protecting our region's remarkable natural beauty. Therefore, we appreciate that Enbridge's top priority is the safe operation and maintenance of its pipelines. Enbridge's sixty-four year record of safely delivering oil provides us the assurance we need to unequivocally advocate on Enbridge's behalf.

In summary, I hope you will join us as we encourage the decision-makers to allow Enbridge to make this needed investment in Line 67. Our shared effort will aid in allowing our great neighbor to more effectively meet our country's immediate and expanding demand for the safe delivery of oil. 
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