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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Chamber Supports PolyMet Mining

The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce's leadership stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in mining and in labor who are supporting PolyMet Mining. We reached this decision after first meeting with, and gaining perspective from, the leadership of Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness. We also toured the PolyMet site in beautiful Hoyt Lakes prior to our decision.

After doing so, the Chamber's board of directors unanimously passed a resolution to fully support and publicly advocate for the PolyMet Mining initiative. We respectfully encourage decision-makers empowered with determining PolyMet's future to allow this needed project to proceed.

The Chamber's board understands how the strategic mining industry of Northeastern Minnesota will generate thousands of new jobs for our region. As well, the board appreciates how strategic metals mining will have a positive impact on local tax revenue and education funding.

Additionally, the board realizes how mining companies operating in Northeastern Minnesota, such as PolyMet, will utilized advanced technology to meet rigorous environmental standards established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Minnesota to ensure protection of human and environmental health. These agencies rely on years of scientific research to set these standards that safeguard our air, water and land.

The board also recognizes and appreciates how members of the Chamber have already benefited from the planning phase of the PolyMet project. Barr Engineering is doing much of PolyMet's environmental work. Krech Ojard is providing PolyMet engineering support. In 2013 alone, PolyMet spent more than $1.2 million doing business with Duluth Companies.

We recognize that, once PolyMet receives its permits, several more Duluth area businesses will provide services and product to the PolyMet project. The positive impact of PolyMet will exponentially grow when construction and mining begin.   

In summary, the Chamber stands in support of the emerging strategic metals mining in picturesque Northeastern Minnesota. The PolyMet project is the most immediate example of this mining. We fully support PolyMet Mining. I hope you will join us in celebrating the jobs and the investment that PolyMet is bringing to our region. Moreover, I hope you will stand with us in advocating for this powerful and positive mining initiative. 
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