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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Shared Good Fortune

His success is our success. As his star rises so, too, does our community's star. Our fortunes are inextricably entwined.
This is a good thing. We are on a roll. Mayor Ness and Duluth are increasingly recognized as being remarkable.

Duluth is consistently lifted up as a compelling and exceptional community. Recent recognitions include:
  • USA Today - One of America's best getaway destinations
  • The American Lung Association - Duluth is among the top metropolitan areas in the U.S. with the cleanest air
  • Rustwire.com - Duluth ranked as top Scenic City
  • Outside Magazine - Top 10 Dream Town
  • SmartMoney.com - Retire Here, Not There in Minnesota
  • American Birding Association - Duluth Named as Birdiest Small Town
  • UMD and College of St. Scholastica ranked as America's top universities to learn, live, work and play
  • Dining - Duluth becoming state's premiere destination for beer tourism.
Mayor Ness is concurrently bringing positive attention to our community. His recent recognitions include:
  • Leaders in Public Policy awarded Duluth as 2013 Local Government of the Year.
  • Minnesota Monthly named Mayor Ness as one of ten Minnesotans of 2012.
  • National Citizen Survey showed that residents of Duluth gave Mayor Ness a 90% job approval rating.
  • Twin Cities Business Magazine selected Mayor Ness as the recipient of its 2013 Person of the Year.
I recently attended a statewide chamber industry gathering in the Twin Cities. Colleagues from throughout the state consistently approached me to indicate how it appears to them that Duluth has "got-it-going." They were also inquisitive about our mayor. "Is he the real deal?" It was a pleasure to assure them that both Mayor Ness and Duluth are truly real deals and to share with them that we do, indeed, have it going.

Good work done day in and day out becomes great work. In recent years, many individuals and organizations have marshaled resources to move our beloved Zenith City forward. It appears that, with Mayor Ness as a catalyst, we are making remarkable progress.

People are noticing the upward movement. They are rediscovering our shining city on the hill. People from throughout our state and our region are witnessing and acknowledging this hard earned progress.

It is an exciting time to work and live in Duluth.
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