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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Join in Welcoming College Students

Prepare yourself for the wave of energy, investment and business that is coming our way. It will be a wave of humanity and treasure that will lift up our community on a rising tide of prosperity. Our beloved Emerald City on the Hill will soon be turbo-charged with the infusion of 26,000 college students. And, they will need to purchase things - many things.

If you are in the retail, hospitality, housing and service industries, you fully understand the profound positive impact college students have on your bottom-line. Many students spend all summer working jobs in their hometowns so they can come to our beautiful Twin Ports and spend their earnings. It is truly a beautiful thing.

It makes sense, and cents, then to openly and enthusiastically embrace our college students. The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce's leadership is encouraging our 1,100 members to clearly illustrate your appreciation for our college students. That is why we are distributing to you, our members, posters that read, "Welcome College Students." We are encouraging you to display the posters in August and September when many of our college students are arriving in our Zenith City and in Superior.

The posters will be included as an insert in our August Xpress Newsletter, which you will receive today or tomorrow. Please look for the green poster and display it in a prominent place at your business. If you would like extra posters, we will have them waiting for you at our office located at 5 W. 1st Street, in beautiful Downtown Duluth.

Our goal is to clearly convey to our college students how much we value them. If we are successful in this noble effort, maybe more of our college graduates will remain in our Shining City on the Greatest of the Great Lakes. Please join us in welcoming our college students. Our future depends on it.

In support and appreciation,


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