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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Transforming Our Beloved Community through Google Twin Ports

Our beloved community is ideally positioned to convince Google to build an ultra-high speed fiber-optic broadband network in the Twin Ports. This network will bring fiber-optic connections to every home and business at speeds of one gigabit per second, up to 1000 times faster than existing high speed internet connections.

This upgrade will transform our economy. It will revolutionize how we do business and how we connect with each other. It will place Duluth and Superior at the forefront of the next great economic revolution in America. This initiative would likely advance Duluth-Superior into an improved technology innovation hub. Many new programs and services requiring ultra-high speed fiber network will naturally be created in communities that have this service.

Could it really happen in the Twin Ports? Absolutely. We fit Google's criteria extremely well. As well, we are enthusiastically embarking on what we hope will be the most comprehensive attraction campaign in the nation. Ultimately, our success depends on the participation of folks like you. We need you to join us in this noble quest. You can do so by taking this one simple step:

Go to www.googletwinports.com and join the team. You will be walked through how to urge Google to come to Duluth-Superior.

The Twin Ports is on the national map as a forerunner in this contest. Let's press on with conviction and with optimism. We have just a few weeks until the deadline. Please help our Twin Ports become Google Twin Ports.

Thanks for your help,

Mayor Don Ness
David Ross, President & CEO

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