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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Participate in Improving Zoning Regulations

As our Shining City on the Hill looks to revitalize our business districts and bring in new developments, there are many considerations for how this development could or should look. The City of Duluth is undertaking the significant task of modernizing its zoning code with immense community input and response. The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce is an enthusiastic partner in this effort. I was proud to serve as a business community representative on the Comprehensive Land Use Development Plan Committee, which completed the plan in 2006. I am equally pleased to continue representing you on the Zoning Advisory Committee, charged with completing these new zoning regulations by spring of 2010.

Zoning affects us all and we can all be part of the solution to a 50 year old code that does not allow for newer modern buildings, mixed use opportunities, and pedestrian friendly business districts. Our residents and Chamber members are constrained by outdated regulations which do not provide room for creativity and only offer limitations to the usage of existing buildings.

The effort to change the zoning regulations coupled with the City’s work to establish a more effective and efficient permitting process bodes well for the future of Duluth and the revitalization efforts of our downtown area and the city as a whole. Duluth is undergoing a significant revival and these efforts will help to sustain development, growth, and offer a new quality of life now and into the future.

Our beloved Zenith City is fortunate to have an active and engaged citizenry. I encourage community members, and especially our Chamber members, to participate in the City’s public process. The second of four modules on the proposed zoning regulations, or what is formally known as the Unified Development Chapter (UDC) of the City’s Legislative Code, will be presented at a public meeting on: Wednesday, October 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Depot.

There is still time to have your voice heard within this important initiative.

If you cannot attend the meeting, information on the first two modules of the proposed zoning regulations can be found on the City’s website at: http://www.duluthmn.gov/planning/udc/meetings.cfm
Comments can also be directly submitted on-line at: http://www.duluthmn.gov/planning/udc/connected.cfm

In unwavering support,

David Ross
President and CEO
Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce

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