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Monday, November 17, 2008

Electing to Support our Elected Officials

Today is a time for optimism within our beloved community. I trust the reelection of our local incumbents has them fortified and reenergized. The concurrent election of new public officials brings promise and heightened opportunity for invention and daring. The synergy generated by this combination of renewed and emergent leaders promises to bring out the best for our community by bringing out the best in every community member – if we allow it to happen.

We would be wise to choose to stay involved in bettering our community, regardless of whether or not the individuals we supported were successful in being elected. I hope we can recommit ourselves to advancing our civic goals regardless of the disappointment or jubilation we may have experienced during this recent election season. The future of our Emerald City on the Hill depends on it.

If we are to capitalize on the reconfiguration of Duluth’s political leadership, it will require us to unite in uplifting those whom our community members elected. The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce’s leadership is prepared to harness its energy, insight and optimism in an effort to support our elected officials as they work to make our community a better place in which to work and reside. We are committed to motivate even more of our 1,170 members to become involved in initiatives that will enable our political leaders to meet the challenges before them. Moreover, the Chamber intends, as always, to strengthen our business community through the support we supply local business initiatives.

The Chamber’s leadership understands how we cannot sustain healthy businesses in an unhealthy community. Chamber businesses will be successful only if our community remains a vibrant, healthy, safe and empowering place in which to live.

Please consider this article a public announcement that the Chamber’s leadership will marshal our resources to assist our political leaders in their efforts to make the coming years a time of unprecedented success for our community members. Our goal is to build successful businesses within a healthy community.

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