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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Promoting Our Shining City

The Chamber is an unwavering and enthusiastic advocate for our beloved community. I am not trying to impress you. I am simply trying to impress upon you that promoting our fair city is a big part of what we do.

Actually, promoting Duluth is an easy job. It is a delight. We have an abundance of compelling attributes which the Chamber is quick to highlight to visitors and to prospective Duluthians. Duluth is a vibrant community, filled with remarkable people and places. We enjoy an extraordinary city that supports, cares for and creates opportunities for all of our citizens.

It is our privilege to annually produce and distribute the embodiment of our promotional efforts in one convincing wealth of information, our Duluth Area Business & Community Guide. We are good at producing it. Each year, we distribute 6,000 copies of the guide. We will soon complete and distribute our 143rd annual guide. That is correct, the Chamber produced our first guide in 1870.

The guide clearly conveys a hearty welcome to those who have arrived on our shores. And, these are no ordinary shores. Duluth triumphantly rises from the Greatest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior.

We let visitors and prospective community members know that if they are considering making our city their home or place of business, wait no longer. We are ready to help them settle in for a few years or for a lifetime.

Additionally, we let our readers know this is one of the most productive places they are ever going to experience. We have talented individuals who take pride in working hard and contributing to the success of local businesses. We also let them know we are ready to showcase Duluth. We believe the more they know about the world's largest, farthest, inland seaport the more they will be drawn to it.

It is a pleasure to promote this big city with a small town personality; this rugged outpost with a cosmopolitan flair. With a fascinating history and a heritage as a hard-working industrial town, we have balanced and diversified our industrial roots with tourism, health care, technology and education. Additionally, our growing reputation in the aviation industry illustrates that the sky is the limit for Duluth.

We are thankful that prospective Duluthians and visitors routinely connect with us. It is an honor to represent you and our community when they do. Promoting our Shining City is a responsibility that we savor.
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