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Monday, July 02, 2012

Resiliency After the Rain

Each of us affected by the recent flooding has a story to tell. The specifics within our stories are different. Yet, they share a theme that is wonderfully similar. It is our collective resiliency after the rain.

This resiliency will be rewarded. Local leaders are applying for federal and state emergency funds to repair our roads, sidewalks, bridges, parks and sewer system. We will rebuild our city's infrastructure to an extent that surpasses what we would otherwise be capable of doing with our local resources. A few years from now, community members will look back on this rain and realize it was a catalyst in fortifying our public utilities.

The rain has also fortified our strong sense of community. The citizens of our Shining City on the Hill have come together in a shared effort to rebuild our community one household, one hiking trail, one business and one street at a time. We have concurrently strengthened our connection to friends and neighbors affected by the flood. There is a heightened feeling of belonging made possible by the realization that our neighbors' misfortune is our collective misfortune and our neighbors' challenges are our challenges.  Moreover, there is an expanded resolve and resiliency made possible by our commitment to each other. We will rise above this challenge.

My colleagues at the Chamber and I extend our deepest sympathy to those who are enduring hardship because of the flood. We also extend our hand to assist Chamber member business owners and operators who seek assistance in returning to full operations. I welcome a conversation with you regarding how we can help. You can contact me at dross@duluthchamber.com or 740-3751.

We learned much about ourselves and our community during this challenging time. This experience reinforced my abundant faith in our community. It affirmed my decision to work and live in this remarkable place. It proved there truly is, as former Duluthian Bob Dylan professed,  "shelter from the storm." It is found in the shelter of each other.   

In support,  
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