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Monday, November 21, 2011

Processing the Impact of Closing Duluth's Mail Processing Center

The United States Postal Service recently notified our beloved community that they concluded a study to evaluate moving their mail processing operations from the Duluth Processing and Distribution Facility to St. Paul, MN. Their notification heralded the strong probability that they will transfer the operations.

Upon learning of this likelihood, I assisted in arranging for, and participated in, a meeting with the Postal Service's top local official, Postmaster General Arby Humphrey. I did so to better understand the situation and to advocate for the continuation of our current level of postal service on behalf of our Chamber members.

This is what I learned from the postmaster general:

- The proposed annual savings of transferring the operations is $3.8 million.
- The transfer would generate a reduction of 58 postal service positions in Duluth.
- Retail and other services currently available will remain at the Duluth facility.
- Local collection box pick-up times may change.
- The delivery time-of-day of mail to residences and businesses will not change.
- The service standard for local mail delivery will increase from one day to two or three days.
Commercial mailers, who presort mail, will continue to receive applicable postage discounts.

Clearly, the most detrimental impact on our area would be the job cuts. Families will be affected by the employment loss in a time where economic growth and trust in our community is critical. In addition, we will see an increase in service time from one day delivery to a two or three day delivery for mail that is both sent from and delivered to our area. If the loss in jobs and the increase in delivery time is a concern to you, make your voice heard at the one opportunity you will be afforded.

A public hearing is being held to: share the results of the study, allow us to ask Postmaster Humphrey questions, and to provide us an opportunity to share our feedback with Postmaster Humphrey.

The meeting will be held:
Thursday, November 10
6:30 p.m.
Great Lakes Ballroom of the Holiday Center,
200 West First Street

I feel it is important that you be made aware of this unfolding development. Now you know.

Roger Wedin, our Director of Policy & Education, and I plan to attend the meeting. Please contact Roger or me if you have feedback or suggestions for us prior to the meeting. We welcome your sage counsel. I can be reached at 740-3751 or dross@duluthchamber.com. Roger can be reached at 740-3752 or rwedin@duluthchamber.com.

In support and forewarning,

David Ross, President & CEO

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