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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fighting for our 148th Fighter Wing

The Duluth Area Chamber is an unwavering advocate for our community's Air National Guard 148th Fighter Wing. Our friends at the 148th make it easy to admire and support them.

The performance of our family members and neighbors who serve in the 148th is unmatched. The Wing earned Excellent or Outstanding ratings on all fifteen of its major inspections over the past ten years. The Wing was the recipient of the 2008 Raytheon Trophy, given to the Air Force's top air superiority squadron. Additionally, the Wing was the first unit in the U.S. Air Force to be awarded the prestigious Star Rating from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Success begets success. Strong leaders attract strong colleagues. The 148th is attracting the best and the brightest. It has a proven record of recruitment and retention. The unit's recruitment and retention rates are unparalleled in the National Guard. Its full-time maintenance force averages nineteen years of service.

The 148th campus is as remarkable as are its people. The Wing enjoys a spacious 138-acre campus, plus 83 acres of detached locations in close proximity. At the heart of the base is a new $24 million consolidated maintenance complex. In the past nine years, the Wing has benefited from investing $85 million in infrastructure improvements. The end result is a showcase, state-of-the-art military installation.

Add to these attributes - scheduling rights to one of the best airspaces in the United States. This scheduling availability allows for unmatched flexibility and efficiency. It is understandable that we, at the Chamber, believe the 148th is ideally positioned to expand its mission within our nation's defense.

The people of the Northland have always stood alongside the 148th with great enthusiasm. This is why I trust our community will take comfort in knowing the Duluth Area Chamber will continue our ardent support for the 148th. The men and women of the 148th know the Chamber stands with them. These same men and women also most definitely deserve our support. The 148th is a remarkable base in an equally remarkable community. The Chamber is proud to support both the 148th and our beloved community.

In support,

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